Spreading Good Vibrations


Autism Breakthrough with Sound Therapy DVD

autism sound therapy

Father Joseph O’Brien, O.P., the Executive Director of The St Therese HIV Outreach Program, Las Vega shares about an Autism Breakthrough with Autism Sound Therapy DVD He talks about how our sound therapy for Autism DVD has affected students in his cooking class. For those with Autism, he has seen increased focus, decreased behavior issues, increased calm,

Pesticide Detox

  This video testimonial was given to us by Sherry who used our free program Pesticide Detox. Below is the free program for Pesticide Detox

These ladies are great to work with!

These ladies are great to work with,they really know what they are doing. I have several of their recordings and I love them. I listen to them and my own rife frequencies on a daily basis and I definitely am starting to feel better, I'm walking straighter, have more energy, and less pain, sleeping better,

Angel Therapy Program

I'm grateful to have the angel therapy program. I was very excited when I found it. This sound healing is amazing, the one I have for back pain is wonderful and helps so much. Thank you once again for all your help. Many Blessings, Pat

Healing Regeneration and Wound Care Audio

I need to thank you for your "Healing Regeneration and Wound Care" audio. I had been to the hospital the day that you introduced it for an ulcer on the bottom and side of my right foot that wasn't healing, had become infected actually, perforating through the top of the foot, leaving a gaping open

Respiratory Relief, Ave Maria, Miracle Chord

I have known Regina for around 2 years now and can write testimonial after testimonial as to the healing that her music and DVD’s have provided for my daughter and myself. I first met her at a health fair and was introduced to her music. I was telling her about my daughters stomach problems and

The Pain is Gone!

I have had such stiffness in my back and nothing seemed to help.  After 2 sessions with the speaker on my back, the stiffness was totally gone. I use the speaker on my headache when nothing else works and the pain is gone is 30 seconds.   ~~Ann M.

Calmed my Children

I play the DVD in my car before we go into the house for about 8 minutes and my children are so calm. ~~ Christine (Mother of 4 special needs children)

Depression and Anxiety and Heart Health

I played Depression and Anxiety and Heart health when I was not watching TV. Within 3 days I called and said that I know something was happening. Thank you so much. Medical tests have proven this to be true. Go to the web site www.thesecretsofsoundtherapy.com to view the records.    ~~Randy P.

The Rosary

As soon as The Rosary started to play, I broke into tears. I could feel the healing power of the first prayer as it worked on my fear.  ~~Michelle O


My mother-in-law suffers from dementia. At one point we were all up for five days and nights as she hallucinated and yelled 24/7. In desperation, I put on a DVD that Regina gave us. The moment I put it on, the house became calm. My mother-in-law became lucid, and we all slept through the night.

Enlarged Prostate DVD

I was urinary retention with an infection and enlarged prostate.  All of our trusted medical friends and professionals agreed that medication for the prostate was the only possible option.  My wife Regina asked me if I would be willing to try the rife frequency program for enlarged prostate and stop the medication.  The frequencies had