Spreading Good Vibrations

About Us

Our Purpose – To make Quality- Digital Sound Therapy available to everyone

Many sound experts use the properties of Vibroacoustics low frequencies in their recordings. Some add binaural beats and some use single frequencies protocols without music or low tones. What sets us apart is the use of Vibroacustics DVDs with specific frequency programs embedded in relaxing music. Our products use existing sound systems or state of the art delivery systems to assist us in achieving this goal.

Our products have been created in our sound studio enhanced with the sound frequencies from www.bztroncis.com, which are available to the public. They are overlaid on our DVDs with amazing video of dolphins and whales, classic works of art and stunning photography of Sacred Geometry and nature. This combination makes our products enjoyable, effective and easy to use. They are like a whole house tranquiller that even your pets love.

Why are our products so extraordinary?
Adding the frequencies for a desired outcome from the programs is one of our differences. Guided imagery, Energy Psychology and positive affirmations are added in some cases as well as binaural beats. The end result is a DVD/ Download with a higher bit rate rendering the sound therapy even more effective than MP3 versions. The water and beautiful video of the Dolphins and Whales, not in captivity, and nature and sacred geometry add to the healing effect of these products.