Spreading Good Vibrations

Recommended Devices

recommended device to use with sound therapy

These are products and devices you can use with our Sound Therapy Programs. We have tested all of these devices and work well with our sound healing music. Our favorite at the moment are the bone conduction headphones and speakers like the one above, the iLuv but it seems to be currently unavailable. The bone conduction (read this article before buying bone conduction  headphones)  is good to use during the day and the portable speakers are great to have to sleep with at night, target a specific area or have a child you want to administer sound therapy on. These portable speakers are great and can go everywhere with you!


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MP3 Player

SanDisk 8GB

Bone Conduction Headphones

Amazon seems to only have the wireless Aftershockz. we do not recommended wireless. We have tried other brands, but the do not seem to be as sturdy as the aftershockz, however if you are careful putting them on and pulling the off this pair may work.

Recommended Portable Speakers

I used to have ones similar to this one: Mini Speaker

I have one of these now and it works good. You can really feel the vibration with this speaker and it’s available in a variety of colors. JBL Clip

This is another speaker I have used. If you purchase this one, it comes with a short extender, but you may want to purchase a longer one to hook up the speaker to the music source. It’s always good to have a long headphone extender. (with male ends)


Headphone Extender and Splitter

Extender Male – Male

Extender – male & female



Water Speakers

Dayton Audio Waterproof Speakers

What you will need for VibroSonic Pillow Speakers

You can look at this page for a complete list.

Need 2 of these (check the VibroSonic Pillow article for instruction and list of all items needed to build these) Dayton Puck 

Buy one AMP that works with water speakers or VibroSonic Pillows

22 Guage Copper Speaker Wire