Spreading Good Vibrations

How to Use Our Products

How to use sound therapy

Recently the use of non-bluetooth bone conduction headphones to deliver sound into the cheekbones or neck has become the easiest and most effective delivery system being used and tested by our clients.

The easiest way at the current moment is to download the purchased files to your computer first. 

This method is for our more technical users. No need to download the audio to your phone, taking up space on the phone.

Watch these video for different instructions.

Adding our Programs to Google Drive to play on Phone or iPad.

How to move your Sound Therapy from a Flash Drive To Your Computer, to iTunes.

Here’s a short video on How to Download, Save, Extract and Import into iTunes and Sync.




Our Files are delivered as ZIP files, Most computers come equipped with a file extractor, however if you do not have one, you may get one free at CNET CLICK HERE


Below are many different options on delivery, which one you choose will be right for you and maybe you will decide to experiment with different options.

Using Our Sound Therapy Products:

Bone Conduction Headphones are a GREAT way to administer our programs. If you choose this way, please read the article: Bone Conduction Headphones for use with Sound Therapy, as this will give you tips and the list of programs we suggest you do not use with bone conduction.

Use a small portable speaker set with metal (this acts like a tuning fork, getting the frequencies directly into the body) that you can lie on the body on the exact spot where the ailment is located the body. We recommend the iLuv Portable Speaker Case or HDMX Portable Speaker.

But we also have used a few others listed on our recommended devices page.

Place the speakers on the head for a headache.
Sleep with the speaker set on the body for insomnia or play it looped from iPod on a dock.
For Pain, put the speaker set directly on the body, having the speaker touching the body on the specific area of the pain is preferred positioning.
PMS and cramping, put it on the body.

Build your own VibroSonic Pillow SetLearn how here.


More tips:

Use a Speaker set with a subwoofer that you can plug into your Ipod/MP3, Phone Portable DVD, Laptop or TV. This can have amazing results and helps with the delivery of the Low frequencies throughout your home or office. (You can find these inexpensively at Big Lots)

Using a headphone extender cord will give flexibility if you are using a laptop or a portable DVD player. In some instances, it is recommended to both listen with headphones and to have a portable speaker on the body at the same time, do this by using a splitter.

Using a vibroacoustic sound pad is most therapeutic for back pain, spasms of all kinds, circulation(put it under your legs) and relaxation.

There are other vibro acoustic devices that you can use also. There are beds, mats, etc. Get creative and let us know what you discover.

The best results are achieved with a consecutive 30 day treatment plan if it is a chronic systemic issue.

Many issues are resolved in only one session.

It doesn’t matter how you watch a video or listen to the audio. It can be played softly in the background on your computer, home entertainment center, tablet or smart phone. Playing any of the programs, through any way you choose in a room can have amazing results. Vibrations from the speakers have a wide range just like radio waves. If your home entertainment center has a subwoofer the vibroacoustic low tones turn your entire room into a sound chamber.

Of course the best way is on a sound pad or specially enhanced home theater recliner with vibrating speakers. Whatever delivery system is used, the frequencies will help whether it is specifically made for acute pain, infection or any of the other many challenging health issues we all seem to experience. Using the small DVD player attached to the sound pad or speaker with metal speakers positioned on the body will produce more immediate results. Placing the sound pad on the bed will vibrate the bed as you drift off to sleep.

Many mothers download ADHD into an iPad and wake their children up slowly playing it up to 30 minutes before the actually time they need to get up. This has had dramatic results. It also works great for adults. Water is an amazing medium for sound therapy. You can buy water speakers at Leslies Pool supply and Bluetooth the delivery of the sound into a bathtub, pool or Jacuzzi. Even the least expensive speakers have had amazing results.

The only caution is not to play the compositions too loud with headphones. We do not recommend ear buds.

Need help deciding what to order.