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Thank You for Introducing Me to the Dolphin Whale Sound Therapy

Regina, I would like to Thank you for introducing me to the dolphin whale sound therapy, it has transformed my life.

In 1999 four friends that I loved dearly were murdered. I had a complete breakdown. I had a great job, loved to snowboard, play pool, work out and have fun.

I turned away from God, my family and friends, and went into a deep dark depression and drug abuse. I was having daily anxiety and panic attacks and could not leave my home without being heavily medicated.

Then I was introduced to Regina Murphy by my Mom. Regina gave me the dolphin/whale sound therapy DVD on depression, addiction and PTSD.

I had some very awesome experiences watching the DVD’s..My anxiety is under control, I have gotten off the drugs and started doing the things I love to do..I found a great therapist and I am working towards all of my goals,that I thought were gone forever.

Anyone who is going through a struggle in their life. I would recommend watching the dolphin/whale meditation DVD’s.. I thank God for my sound therapy, I am reclaiming my power back!!! AMEN

Thank you,

Joseph Walter

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