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Autism Breakthrough with Sound Therapy DVD

Father Joseph O’Brien, O.P., the Executive Director of The St Therese HIV Outreach Program, Las Vega shares about an Autism Breakthrough with Autism Sound Therapy DVD

He talks about how our sound therapy for Autism DVD has affected students in his cooking class. For those with Autism, he has seen increased focus, decreased behavior issues, increased calm, and decreased flatulence. It has also helped students to following directions better, to follow through and complete tasks and has lowered ticks & outbursts from Tourette Syndrome!

We are very fortunate here at the St. Teresa HIV Outreach Center to have basic high school students to come almost every day, each week.  It’s the autism class and the thing that truly remarkable is that we have had the time to use sound therapy from the wonderful Sound for Self Treatment. We have used these sound therapy programs with the students and some of the most remarkable things have happened. We have one student who has tourettes syndrome and added in with autism and sometimes she can scare us tremendously by bursting out with something. When we play the sound therapy treatments, the various ones, she is so calm, she never has any outbursts and she really works well. We bake on one day, and the students make cookies and a number of things. When we do cupcakes, she is so meticulous about the icing. She works so calmly and that is when the music is playing and it’s really great. The only thing is when we do not play the sound therapy, it is chaos. She doesn’t want to decorate, she doesn’t want to do things with the cupcake and this is just one student.

We have another student, he is an amazing guy, he’s like, almost seven feet tall, he’s a very big Pacific Islander. In his situation, he just really wanders around and does nothing; we all just sort of go with that and deal with that. When we are playing the sound therapy programs , from Sounds for Self Treatment,  he is very focused and he will actually work. He will actually do things… the teachers will give him things to do and he will do it. It won’t be something that they have to remind him and remind him and remind him. One funny thing though, it’s somewhat a little embarrassing to us, not to him, is that when there is no music and he is just wondering around, he passes gas. He can clear a room, however, when we play the sound therapy he doesn’t pass gas. The amazing thing is that he works, he does things, he’s focused, and he doesn’t pass gas when we play the sound therapy music.

The teacher said, “Please give me a copy of that so I can play it in the classroom”. And the teachers are using it and they’re very excited. It’s just a great program. Even for the staff, we use it a little bit when we have a lot of stuff going on. We’re sorting food at the moment in here and the staff is listening to the program and they loved it and it’s good for them. It’s a great great asset. They are calm, they are meditated and even when the sound therapy program ends, we put it on loop. They are like, “Oh breaks over” and they’ve been working the whole time. It’s exciting. A lot of great things have happened. We are proud to be part of it and to have basic high school students to benefit from using sound therapy. The teachers are proud to use sound therapy as well.

It just benefits a lot of people. It keeps giving and giving and giving.

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