Spreading Good Vibrations

These ladies are great to work with!

These ladies are great to work with,they really know what they are doing. I have several of their recordings and I love them. I listen to them and my own rife frequencies on a daily basis and I definitely am starting to feel better, I’m walking straighter, have more energy, and less pain, sleeping better, along with a feeling of being lighter. Also, since playing the frequencies, my one dog, his eyes are clearing up. He went to a new home several years ago, but started to go blind and his eyes were runny all the time after the woman gave him his vaccinations. So she didn’t want him anymore, so I took him back. As a small breeder of Maltese, I always stood behind my dogs. I don’t raise dogs any more though, because I cant stand the way people feed them and fill them up with poison. My dogs eat an all natural diet. Any way, if nothing else did, that convinces me that they work. Bless you ladies for the work you do.


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