Spreading Good Vibrations

Sound Therapy for PTSD

Natural Remedy for PTSD help

There are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing a natural remedy for ptsd help.

It is safe to say the most people on the earth at this time have suffered from some form or another of post traumatic stress disorder. We know our soldiers and veterans suffer from this as we have given out may PTSD DVD’s to them. The key word in there is stress, even young children who have lived in a stressful home life can and do experience some form of ptsd. This is an excellent program to keep on hand and play often in your home environment, especially in the downloaded Audio or DVD format where you are not dealing with WiFi signals.

With our program, you can simply press play and allow the music with healing frequencies for ptsd to fill the room. You can also choose to apply the healing frequencies directly to the body with a speaker on the chest bone. Either one is highly effective and simply over the following few days of application, notice the stress levels and attitudes of others in the home and or office.

You can grab the ptsd sound therapy audio here or watch the youtube video below.

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