Spreading Good Vibrations

A Call from the School Nurse

I received a call from the nurse at my daughters school. She said Kayden had shooting stomach pains and proceeded to tell me there was a weird stomach bug/virus going on in the class and it started with sharp stomach pains.
I said “WOW, that jumped on her quickly, she was fine when she got on the bus at 7:15.” The nurse replied, “That is the way it has been working, it jumps on them quickly.” The nurse called at 8:30am and Kayden had barely gotten to school and started class.
Once I picked her up from school, she proceeded to tell me 5 kids were out that day, sick from this and one girl had been out for 5 days. The others were sick for around 3 days.
Once we got home, her stomach started hurting with sharp stabbing pains, they reminded me of labor pains, as they would come and go….
I asked her if she wanted to use the sound therapy program for her stomach (which is ave maria and miracle chord – the ones that originally healed her stomach way back when I first met Regina) and she said, “Yes mom, I do.” She is  a believer in Sound Therapy!
The pain was so bad, that every time it started, she cried and cried until it eased off. My daughter is not a sissy girl and I KNEW it was hurting her really bad for her to cry like this. I did my part by sending her healing energies and invoking the angels to assist. Within an hour she said mom I would like some saltines.
We didn’t have any so, we ran to the store, grabbed saltines and ginger-ale,
as I was preparing for the “rest of the virus”…
The nurse had said some kids had the runs and vomiting with it…
Once we arrived home she had the urge to go to the bathroom… When she came out she said, mom, I feel so much better…. She ate her saltines and drank ginger-ale, and the remaining of the day was like she wasn’t even sick in the first place!!! I KNOW in my heart if I hadn’t had the knowledge I have and the sound therapy programs that I have, it would have lasted a lot longer.
I am so happy I have my aresanal or like we say our “First Aid Kit” or “Hospital on the Go” of Sound Therapy!
Why this LONG Story… It’s really to show you how POWERFUL these programs are and how a 10 year old has the belief in these programs and energy work. She KNOWS they work!
I know that if all of the kids in her class had the opportunity to use these programs, then they would also have healed quicker…..
These are some of the programs I personally recommend that have helped me and keep me well:
Ave Maria and The Miracle Chord (these 2 are for overall wellness – stomach – colds
Bladder – Kidney Infection with General Infection
Immune System Stimulation
Respiratory Relief
Sinus Infection
Staph Infection
Streptococcus General Antiseptic – for Strep Throat
Pneumocystitis – Luna Lullaby For Fungal Infections _ Lungs
Healing Regeneration and Wound Care
Get ALL of these HERE.
To me, these are the “very basics”  —
I have also used, heart health, circulation, chakra journey, hindu chant and so many more…
Hope this has helped, Sally 😉