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Miracles Relating to our Sound Therapy Programs

This letter says it all.

These miracles are so close to my heart because my own son had an extremely high bilirubin, thus beginning his life in emotional trauma.

Here’s a letter from Kathleen:

[su_quote]Baby Skye was born at home on a Tuesday on the full moon in a wonderful water birth. The home unit (amp & water speakers from Parts Express was used during birth with Cd John made for Delivery including frequencies for stress, relaxation, By Friday of same week Skye began to show signs of Jaundice, by time he got admitted to hospital around 6 pm his count was 39, average is 3-4, they immediately told mom & dad he would need several blood transfusions, that he may go into a coma, and could have brain damage due to high numbers. We brought the same system but we had your MP3 player with Welcome to the World and whatever other music was on it from Baby Heart Beats, we were allowed to put it in the incubator and his first transfusion started at 10 pm and went till 4 am. At that time his numbers had come down to 19 which they were amazed. They continued to watch over him. We came back at 10 am and had mother record her voice onto player and her reading a story to him plus telling him how much he was loved and wanted. We did a lot of praying and calling on Mother Mary for a miracle. They continued playing for 2 hours on, 2 hours off. By Saturday night his numbers had dropped to 14. On Sunday his numbers were down to 10 and mom was able to start nursing and holding him. He never got lethargic, nor lost his alertness. By Sunday night he was down to 8 and was able to go home on Monday with his number being 3…….The staff was amazed and what they noticed was all the other babies in the NNIC unit w3ere doing better. It was a miracle…….Then Friday after that Monday he got Pink Eye, the mom came over and I worked on his feet with essential oils and playing 204 frequency straight for over an hour. When he left the Pink Eye was gone and Baby Skye is thriving at 8 weeks…..[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Little Keaton was not crawling, walking, standing up, talking, or feeding herself at 17 months. Her mom had repeatedly told her Dr. about it, he finally sent her to a PT for an evaluation. She was told she had torticollis and therapy began. She was doing a little better and after 4 sessions the mom asked for a CD. We gave her Regina’s Autism Cd and after only 5 days, she began to crawl, stand up, feed herself and start saying words. It has been just over 3 weeks and the family just returned from a week at Disney where I was told how amazing Keaton was doing. They are still playing the Cd 2x a day and Johns sleep Cd at night. Their entire house has gotten calmer, everyone is sleeping through the night and all is great[/su_quote]

[su_quote]So now we have Cd’s in a 89 year old woman’s house after just being diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Just in 3 days the woman is feeling so good and getting some energy back. She will starting Chemo in a week and plans to take her music with her for her treatments. We also got her 2 daughters CDs for Pancreatic Support so if they have the gene for the cancer hopefully this will keep it at bay.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Much love, Kathleen”]Every day more and more people are asking us for CDs and we are getting amazing testimonials which I will send you as I receive them….. [/su_quote]


The third miracle happened while doing a sound session on my boat with a woman who lost three grown sons to heart failure and a car accident. After the session she said her son was saying the number 204 to her. I knew the message was for me because John gave me the number 727 which began this journey into sound frequency production for me. The moment I got home I researched the Rife Cross Reference list (available upon request) to see what 204 Hz does. Sure enough the ONLY thing it is used for is fungal infections in the lungs for infants and those with challenged immunity which is called Pneumocystitus. However it has been having amazing results with all fungal infections. As a matter of fact, the head of Oncology told me No one dies from cancer; everyone dies from a fungal infection caused by the treatment if they are not strong enough to withstand the damaging effects of chemo.

I immediately asked for the program to be made in a lullaby assuming it was for infants. It arrived at my home on 6/26/15. At the time my husband was experiencing a severe bout of congestive heart failure due to a mistake in medication on his part as well as extreme lung issues. Although on 5 liters of oxygen we were unable to get his oxygen above 86 for over a week. I was told to bring him to emergency if he became short of breath. Well on the morning of 6/27th he became very short of breath and I knew I could not hold off any longer. I heard my son say “Start the new baby program”. I put in the CD in the kitchen where David was standing because sitting cut his oxygen even more, and within 5 minutes he was breathing normally and his oxygen went to 90. Five minutes, that’s all it took. By the time he went to bed that evening his oxygen was at 95. I just love that the love of my life gets to be the recipient of this miracle. I have included his before and after lung results (see below). However this is a poor representation because at the time I put the program on I am sure his lung function was way lover that the 40 that shows on the test a month prior to his worsening issue began. This is the 4th time my son intervened to keep David alive. I am beyond blessed.

With Love,



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