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How to Use Sound Therapy with a Portable VibroSonic Pillow

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You know that I am always looking for ways to get sound into the body, effectively and inexpensively, so that anyone may experience Sound Therapy.  Now YOU can learn How to Use Sound Therapy with a Portable VibroSonic Pillow, (that’s a term I coined) which anyone can afford!

The VibroSonic Pillows components consist of:

See “Building a VibroSonic Pillow” for details on the full list of supplies and assembly of the pillows

The Benefits:

The programs played through the pillows are specific musical compositions containing low tones and frequencies that can assist the body to relax and heal. The metal transducers act as tuning forks when touching the body.

The History:

This idea was seen on the Dr. Oz show by one of my clients,  when Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, an Oncologist, demonstrated what he referred to as the “Peace Machine”. She purchased a “Peace Machine” and brought it to my sound lounge to show me. The combination of the speakers and a therapist was what make this special in many ways.

I had been working as a researcher and producer of sound therapy compositions and delivery systems, and placing ordinary speakers on the body. The idea of placing the powerful transducers on the body is a huge leap in getting sound into the body as far as I am concerned. I decided to build my own version of the machine to assist my clients and make it more cost effective. There is no medical research yet to suggest that it is better or worse than using the sound beds and chairs that have been studied for decades.  Only two of my programs have any clinical evaluations, so this is a very new concept and you are the pioneers. Although Sound Therapy is the oldest form of therapy there is relatively little money dedicated to this in the scientific arena. This has to do with the fact that sound cannot be patented.

The Portable VibroSonic Pillows provide an experience that is very noticeable, relaxing and individual. No two people will ever respond the same to this experience, however the majority of people will enjoy it, as well as relax and experience relief from pain, inflammation and exhaustion.


If it causes pain, it should be stopped. Other cautions include pregnancy, thrombosis, and pacemakers. Many pregnant women will want to use this and so will those with pacemakers and these are only precautions as there is no research.

My husband who has a pacemaker uses this and loves it; however, I take special care not to place the transducer near the pacemaker. For pregnant woman I would only use the speakers on the hands and feet and only use the programs for infections and the 727 Hz. As far as thrombosis, I would avoid completely as blood clots can have dire consequences as they move throughout the body. It can be so relaxing that it can make you sleepy.

I always avoid direct placement on the heart and when close to the heart I use the foam side of the pillow just as a precaution. I keep one side open so the metal can touch the body for deep vibration for pain and hard to reach muscles; I use the foam cushion that the speaker comes with on the other side for placement in more sensitive and boney areas. This is all personal preference.

Personal favorites:

My personal favorite programs are for circulation and adrenal stimulant. When the afternoon slump hits, I use this for a power nap instead of caffeine and then I have my second wind of the day in less than 20 minutes. You must learn to observe your reactions and become your own judge of what is best for you and how often. Learning to be “Body Aware” is the responsibility of each individual as we are being exposed to more and more invisible toxins, both chemical and energetic.

Using the Portable VibroSonic Pillows:

The transducers need air flow so do not place them under a couch pillow or between a mattress and box spring. It is also very important if you are making your own to always be aware of the difference between NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE wires when fusing or connecting speaker wires to the amplifier. When I am connecting the wires to the amplifier, I put the positive wire only in the red slot and then put the negative wire only into the black slot on the amplifier. This will insure the components will last and operate efficiently. If they are not done correctly the components will stop working and be dysfunctional. I have no desire to manufacture these simple delivery systems and if you receive one from me it is for research only to assist me in developing classes for massage therapist and Reiki practitioners throughout the country.

As the producer of the programs for this, I have taken the utmost care in selecting the music, the frequencies, the guided sessions and the video that I believe will have a positive effect on the person, animal and environment that it is played in. In a time of negative sound overexposure that we live in, this special sound oasis can be a very effective tonic for the body mind and spirit. I keep my websites up to date will all research and information as a resource for anyone with a desire to learn about how to incorporate sound into their life in a positive way. I am available to answer questions and invite all feedback at murphyfour77@hotmail.com . I try to answer questions as soon as humanly possible.

I suggest purchasing the book, “Practitioners Guide to Vibro Acoustic Therapy” written by Dr. Suzanne Jonas which is available on her web site at www.MusicalMedicine.net.

Operating the unit:

Once the pucks are attached to the amplifier, connect your music source and press play. Turn on the unit and feel the vibrations and hear the sound. Play with your volume and adjust it to your comfort levels. Do not play the music so loud that it distorts the sound; you want to feel the vibration and not distort the sound. It takes a while to get the feel for that. Listen and place the speaker on different parts of your body to get acquainted with how to use the programs on yourself before placing it on others.

I am writing an operating manual about the use of the unit and it will be available as a download soon. We will have a special area for user postings so we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.

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