Spreading Good Vibrations

Dr. Kurt Ebert has made Sound Frequencies and a Tapping Sequence for the Ebola Virus outbreak

These frequencies were provided by Dr. Kurt Ebert http://www.the-tree-of-life.com for the express purpose of stopping the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. To understand more about sound therapy and Attractor therapy please visit his website. There is also a lecture given by Dr.Ebert on this channel that is very interesting.

Dr. Ebert’s Tapping and Frequencies ONly for EBOLA


Ebola Frequencies and tapping with Music by Dr. Kurt Ebert


Tapping Videos

Ebola Pre Formulae tap along


Ebola Sequence Tap Along 2x daily morning and evening for 2 days


Click Here to Download Ebola Frequencies only mp3

Click Here to Download Ebola with Music and Frequencies mp3

Click Here to Download the pamphlet below on Tapping Procedure for Ebola


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