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How to Use Tuning Forks

how-to-use-tuning-forksThere’s a lot of information already published on How to use Tuning Forks. We are going to go over some basics and give you a few videos to watch.

A little history: Tuning forks were originally produced to tune musical instruments, however because of the stong vibration they produce, practitioners started using them to balance energy.

It’s important never to bang a tuning fork directly on a hard surface, as this could damage the tuning fork. It’s made of dense metal, usually steel. Grasp it firmly at its end and keep your wrist and fingers relaxed, also bend your elbow when holding it. There shouldn’t be any tension in your arm. Hold the tuning fork on its side so you’re striking only one of the prongs. Tap it against the heel of your hand or a rubber object. If you are working with the unweighted tuning fork, strike the fork prong about one-third of the way from the top. This is important to get the best sound. The “U” shape causes both sides to vibrate and produces a smooth sound wave. If you are working with the weighted tuning fork strike it on the top weighted portion of the fork, striking only one of the weighted parts.

The weighted tuning fork is to be used on the body, so the vibration gets deep into the body. We always suggest listening to your body as to “Where to place it.” The more and more you become “In Tune” with your body, the easier it is to balance and heal it. Find a quiet place and practice. You can not put it on a wrong place, whatever calls out to you is asking to be balanced, whether it’s your knees or your heart.

The unweighted tuning fork is used in the auric field and around the ears. First tap the fork and hold it close to one ear, listen, then repeat with the other ear. Use it throughout your auric field. Have fun with the forks and become your own practitioner!

Incorporating tuning forks with the use of Sound Therapy can produce Amazing Results!
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