Spreading Good Vibrations

Naturally Treating Pain, Kidney Infection and Prostate

I am familiar with the vibroacoustic sound lounges, as Regina is my wife, so you may find this result exaggerated or even hard to believe, but it is true.

I began feeling very sick and in pain on February 2nd 2013. I thought it was a kidney stone because of the intense pain. I took an antibiotic for kidney infection beginning on Wednesday February 7th. I also began taking pain pills to relieve the discomfort, however they were ineffective. By Saturday morning February 9th, I ended up in the emergency room for Acute Urinary Retention. (Inability to urinate) I was sent home with a catheter, additional antibiotics, and additional pain killers and was told to see an Urologist ASAP.

I was told there was a chance I would have to live with the catheter for an extended period of time. He prescribed a third antibiotic, more pain pills and said come back in a week. My primary doctor scheduled many scans and other tests.

On February 16th, I was still so sick, and in excruciating pain, my wife Regina took it upon herself to treat the pain. She took a mini DVD player and put in the DVD for Acute Pain. She placed a small metal speaker on my lap in the area most affected by swelling and pain. By the time I went to bed 60% of the pain and swelling was gone. In the morning she did this again with the DVD with 727Hz embedded into the Ave Maria for 30 minutes. All of my pain was gone and there was no need what so ever to take another pain pill. She then started putting pure frequencies for Enlarged prostate on my lap in the hopes that the catheter could come out.

Sure enough, that Monday it came out. I continued to feel OK until the Antibiotics were finished and then I felt sick again and the pain and swelling returned and the urine flow slowed. Regina filled the antibiotic again right away and then found the frequencies on her own website for “Inflammation from kidney to bladder” and “General infection”.  She realized that the antibiotics were not killing the bacteria causing all the problems. They were helping but no quite doing the job.  Regina put the frequencies for infection and inflammation on my lap and in a very short time I could feel heat in the area. The next morning, I woke up very early for me and felt no pain, inflammation was gone and my energy level was through the roof. I continue with both for four days and then stopped the frequencies, but continued the antibiotics. Within one day, I began to slip again. And we restarted the frequencies. Again, the next morning I felt better than I had in years.  The antibiotics and frequencies continued until the prescription ran out on March 18th.

Since then I have continued the treatments with the DVDs each night while watching TV. As of March 21st, my bodily function is fine and I have no pain.


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CT SCAN February

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