Spreading Good Vibrations

Ave Maria 727 Hz

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This program is safe for children, newborns, pregnant woman and pets.

The DVD is a Dolphin only DVD that has a magical dance of the dolphins which induces a calming effect and a frequency that assists in all conditions especially sinus infection. You may see it referred to as “Dolphin Dream”

This was the first video made with healing frequencies embedded within the music. The 727 Hz frequency is used within 80% of the programs put together by Dr. Royal Rife. We use this in all of our infant programs and it is considered a “cure all” frequency by Dr. Royal Rife. The infant programs are currently being studied at the NICU department of a major research hospital and an internationally known University. The details are not yet published, however if the study was not stopped, there is an indication that the frequency is helping with a variety if issues. It is used as a complimentary aid to all of our other programs and seems to assist as a booster to them. We have reports of amazing results when used. The higher quality download is a must for a digital medicine cabinet.

Join our email family and get this program for FREE! If you decide not to join us and are only able purchase one musical piece, this would be the one to get! It is great to sleep with, to listen to during the day and to enhance your over all well being!

The two musical pieces that are combined in one DVD/CD makes it very enchanting. Also perfect for Reiki practitioners to play during Reiki sessions.

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