Spreading Good Vibrations

Acute Pain

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No matter what the cause of the pain; accident, infection, pulled muscle, headache or toothache, there are usually emotional, as well as physical, reasons for it. Pain is a way of making us aware that something needs to change.  Most of the time it will not be apparent what that is, and it is up to us to figure it out because it will be different for each of us.  This type of self reflection is better done if there is some form of relief other than heavy medication that keeps us from accessing a higher prospective.  One of the reasons I love this CD or DVD is that, in addition to pain relief, there is a component in the low tones that helps us reach a state of relaxation that allows us to access that wiser place within us.  The place that will guide us to the appropriate care that the body is crying out for. It may even guide us to the emotional component related to that pain.  There are many books and websites out there that will guide you to the emotion that is related to pain or illness of a certain type. Hating your work or remaining in a dysfunctional relationship or burying old hurt rather than learning how to process it can be a few examples of how emotions will manifest as physical pain.

Sometimes the temporary relief of the pain is all you need to access your own guidance system and begin the journey of real healing.  It seems to work within ten minutes.  It can enhance the medication you may need to take as well.  I think even the great doubters will be amazed as long as you hold the hope and intention for relief.  Sound plus intention is most powerful.

All pain is related to the state of your emotional body. There are 2 programs that may help if you continually have pain and are ready to dig to the root issues. This takes courage and determination and if you are ready, we commend you! Here are the programs.

Here are the programs.

Energy Psychology with Earth Tones and Etheric Sweep

Be Set Free Fast

A Vibroacoustic delivery system is highly recommended for maximum benefit for Backache and Spasms or metal speakers or discs placed on the back.
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