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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology plus Etheric Sweep

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Energy Psychology

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***NOTE: When you start listening to Energy Psychology, make sure you have enough time to complete the session.

Not enough can be said about the power of Energy Psychology. When you can become your own psychiatrist and be as honest as you can about what is holding you back, then you will see exponential growth. You can easily achieve this state with the meditative frequencies and music combined with the guided session, in a way that no therapist could do and in a way that you couldn’t do unless you were relaxed enough to find the deepest wounds that are ready to be cleared at that time.

We are using the Earth frequencies, specifically the earth frequency of the heart, so we can open your own heart and find the wound that is ready to be worked on. Once you walk through the Energy Psychology session and you reprogram your subconscious with what you are choosing to reprogram it with, we then allow you to go into another 40-45 minutes of the Etheric Sweep so that nothing is left in the auric field of what you just cleared from the emotional body. It is important to finish the Etheric Sweep completely.

The combination of Energy Psychology, the Earth frequencies and the Etheric Sweep is one of the most powerful ways to clear your emotional body and your auric field. When your emotional body is cleared, you can be sure that your physical body is going to be in a position to to receive everything that it needs to heal, whether it is taking supplements, exercising or simply breathing clean air.  ALL of these can have a maximum effect when the emotional body is cleared of issues.

There are always new layers of the same or different issues that present themselves to be cleared, you will be consistently working on, so this program is not one that you would do one time. We are like onions, we have many layers. This is a program to use every time you feel stuck, heavy or you cannot seem to get a hurt, wound or negative emotion out of your thought process.


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