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Important to Read If You Use Bone Conduction Headphones

Recently I was working with a beautiful child with glioblastoma who has long outlived the normal lifespan of childhood glioblastoma. He and his mother decided to stop chemo due to the unpleasant and unhealthy side effects. I knew I needed to get him everything I was now doing with water and magnets to assist the healing process. I contacted the expert at BiomagScience to order the set of magnets for the tumor site.

Peter Kulish asked me “What the polarity of the magnet touching the skin was in the bone conduction headphones was.” My response was “I have no idea WHY?” He said with brain cancer, or any brain issue or cancer it needs to be North (- negative polarity) touching the cheekbones or neck. He went on to say that no matter how much good the sound was doing, the wrong polarity was hindering the healing process. It turned out the that Aftershokz tested South (+ positive polarity). I quickly sent James the Panasonic version that tested North (-negative polarity) and discovered they had been discontinued. I found another brand even better as far as sound and comfort available on Amazon for a great price and have included the link below.

I always suggest wired headphones due to the radiation from Bluetooth as well as downloading to  a Mp3 player or iPod to avoid radiation from the phone as well. Since Aftershockz doesn’t make a wired set anymore, it has been hard to find a set that hold up and works well. You can try these bone conduction heaphones, I we have ordered one similar, but not the exact brand. Just know that you will need the magnets talked about below if you decide to use bone conduction headphones.

If you choose to continue the use of the Bone Conduction Heaphones, you can re-mediate the effects by using a high quality North – negative biomagnet on the sternum and it can be ordered here. This is a small kit of the magnets, If you would like the large wellness kit with all of the magnets & book order them here.

I have been using and treating myself and others with his special magnets and protocols and am so impressed that I am completely rewriting my book Water Sound and Magnets: The Divine Healer before I publish it. The Magnet chapter will be very expanded.

It is also important to note that all speakers have magnets and the majority are south + polarity causing the same issues for everyone. Between the magnet, Bluetooth and the negative music dominating the industry this creates a less than healthy situation for our children and most everyone using Bluetooth earbuds and headphone constantly. I am hoping to create this awareness by letting everyone know and adding this little known information to my book. Please share this, my free site and the information on Magnetic Therapy.


Here is the way to test your bone conduction headphones.



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