Spreading Good Vibrations

Using Specific Frequency Infused Vibro Acoustic Music and Waterproof Speakers to Speed Healing

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We have tested many different ways to deliver frequency infused vibroacoustic music or sound into the body with various portable speaker sets, bone conduction headphones, regular headphones, delivery by open air and one of the most effective and favorite ways is to use waterproof speakers in a footbath or bathtub. We know there may be an apprehension on using speakers in water. From our own experience, we have used and tested these speakers for many years with success. There are some waterproof bluetooth speakers that run off batteries that could be used if one is not keen on using the electrical run ones, however we always recommend using the frequency music therapy without bluetooth.

These are the Waterproof Speakers and the Amplifier we have used and recommend.

Now, on to the therapy using the waterproof speakers in a footbath.

What we have found through testing and medical results is the using the Respiratory Relief program in a footbath or bath with Baking Soda, increases the oxygen in the body. When you increase the oxygen in your body wonderful things start to happen.

When you are using our frequency infused Sound Therapy music, make sure you increase the amount of water you are in-taking. It’s also a great idea to put some lemon juice in it from an organic fresh cut lemon. We have also started using a high grade Magnesium Spray to supplement any magnesium deficiency.

This video will give you instructions on how to set up the footbath. In this specific video Regina was also showing how to use a hand bath too. It is totally up to you if you want to do both!


This  video tells some of the benefits:

Another program we have used is General Infection which have frequencies for infection, you can read more here and other ways to use waterproof speakers.