Spreading Good Vibrations

Headphones Instead of Pain Pills or Prozac?

That may seem like a far fetched statement but it should say BETTER THAN!

Clearly there is  a big difference between music that makes you happy and music that heals and sound frequencies that effect pain and anxiety. Also, the new medical headphones that stimulate the synapses in the brain and bone conduction that carry the frequencies, low tones and carrier waves deep into the brain make all the difference in the world.

Frequencies are used to control weather, blow up buildings, grow wine and plants faster without chemicals and shut down the respiratory system in crowds. Medical use of sound is decades old but because of new advances in headphones, what used to require very expensive equipment and medical teams now can be accomplished in your own home or while running driving, working and sleeping.

Frequency healing has come of age with the digital age and has never been popular because large companies cannot copyright or patent them. FREE is not what works  in this world. However the “Best things in life are free” and “Sound” is one of them and it is free. One can charge for music and sound but Sound is ubiquitous.

It is the most power of the subtle energies and is found in Heaven and Earth === Sound Creates Matter.

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We only suggest using the medical headphones, NOT earbuds.

OF course, our alternative method of administering our frequency infused vibro acoustic music is to use a speaker set with metal on it and place it on the body.

When addressing the brain, the Bone Conduction Headphones work best. If you choose the bone conduction headphones you must read this article too.


When addressing the body, small portable speaker set  (not available at this time) on the body works best.


Everything works—-through the air, through a speaker set, through a pair of bone conduction headphones, or using the emitter from Dr. Ebert’s site, they all work. It’s only a matter of fine tuning any of these to each persons needs and preferences based on sensitivity.


These iLuv Speakers are hard to find now. I have ysed one like this before and I wore it out!


I have one of these now and it works good. You can really feel the vibration with this speaker and it’s available in a variety of colors.