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How to Naturally Treat ADHD

Are you Easily Distracted? How to Naturally Treat ADHD

Even if you have not been labeled with ADHD, there are various types of distractions and there’s help. In today’s world it is easy to become distracted and loose focus, not to worry, here’s help! Learn How to Naturally Treat ADHD.

Our bodies, especially our brains are affected by EMF, radio, light and sound waves. Have you ever been held captive by the flickering of a beautiful fire? Brain waves are what keep you up at night, put you to sleep at church and get you ready to create a masterpiece. Learning, meditation and depression is about altering brain waves.

As more and more people become aware that they are easily distracted (possibly even labeled ADHD), the desire to change that is growing.  You may already have the perfect diet of Omega oils and use ginkgo biloba and still find yourself unable to complete boring or challenging tasks.  I present to you a simple solution being used by millions.  It is called brain entrainment. It was once believed that you needed headphones on for it to work, however research has shown that it is not necessary. Using headphones is faster, it still works through the air and the skin.

YouTube is filled with brain entrainment videos and there are a multitude of Apps for your phone. Sometimes the sound frequencies are in music with videos.  Others are pure binaural beats. So much research is available that it is impossible to recommend a particular study. The bottom line is that you have it at your disposal to become more focused anytime you are at your computer or trying to complete a task that requires full attention. I know it may surprise you that you can even play these programs from your TV with a DVD player or with Apple TV.  The benefits of good frequencies coming from your TV instead of bad frequencies has not even begun to be explored.

Once you become aware of the power sound frequencies and the effect they have on ALL matter and biology, the field of Sound Therapy becomes very fascinating.  The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed from a resonant frequency in less than eight minutes. (See it on YouTube)

Scientists can grow fruits and vegetables faster and without pesticides and the best winery in Spain uses sound frequencies to help his grapes become Gold Metal Wines. And of course Homeland Security uses sound as a weapon in all of our ports with underwater speakers to protect our ships from bombs as well as for crowd control.

The emerging field of Vibroacoustics, getting sound into the body, has been studied for 35 years at the National Institute of Health with amazing results for pain and anxiety.  Specific frequencies can affect every  cell in the body, both negatively and positively. One of the reasons it is not very popular is that sound cannot be patented, copywriter or owned. In the digital age, when used as a prescription for health, it never needs a refill. All business models are based on profit and the medical/pharmaceutical industry is based on repeat refills. With sound and legal file sharing this is not your best business model, however as a human it can be very beneficial. Combining sound frequencies with vibroacoustic low tones, positive images on video and even learning or meditation videos is the new frontier of self healing and empowerment.

These programs are being studied and used in NICU’s and hospitals. There are free programs and websites from the best in the field of Sound Therapy. Don’t miss out on a “Sound diet” that can help with pain, anxiety, infection and everything from pregnancy to hospice.  These programs are downloadable as audio and video files as well as CD/DVD options. Who could imagine that the TV could be a whole house prescription for anxiety, hormonal imbalance, hot flashes, learning disabilities, pain, infection, heart health, PTSD and more?

Along with using our ADHD program you may consider ther Creativity program to use following the ADHD. Once you gain focus, then Creativity will put that spark into what you are working on!

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