Spreading Good Vibrations


To compose our frequency infused musical programs we use a highly advanced computer program to generate the frequency protocols. These protocols work embedded in beautiful musical compositions, they can be plain frequency only programs or pure tones. We also record them in downloadable video format with Dolphins and Whales or other varying and beautiful slide shows that may include classic works of art and stunning photography of Sacred Geometry and nature. This combination makes our products enjoyable and effective, EVERYONE in the home will benefit, even your pets!

Our respect for the healing power of self-administered sound therapy grows daily, as reports arrive from all over the world.

The best part is it doesn’t get easier; just Press Play and Enjoy.

We are now offering ONLY Audio Downloads and physical CD’s for sale. If you want a DVD (movie you can play  on a dvd player) you can make a request for one on our contact page. If you need a CUSTOM program you do not see on the site make a request for one here.


Before you make a purchase, we want you to know:  
The easiest way at the current moment is to download the purchased files to your computer first. 

View Testimonials from real clients that have used varying programs with success.

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