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How can Vibro acoustic Music Therapy Benefit Me

How can Vibroacoustic Therapy Benefit MeVibroacoustic Music Therapy has many benefits. It is a drug free alternative way of assisting your body to become healthier. You can use it in addition to other treatment methods that you are currently using. It is a non-invasive way to self-treat anxiety, depression, panic, stress, ADHD, PTSD, pain, emotional health, heart health, high blood pressure and many more discomforts that you may have.

One of the major benefits of this therapy is that it puts your body in a relaxed state allowing your body to open up for the frequencies to do their job.

We are often asked: How soon will it work?

On some of the programs you may see immediate results. Some may take 10 minutes, 2 days, 2 weeks or a month. It all varies on what you are treating. We have an “As Tolerated” recommendation, although on some programs we may suggest a specific treatment for desired results.

Back to our “As Tolerated” recommendation. If you or anyone else in the house has a feeling that those frequencies are causing a discomfort, turn them off, walk away and play them again the next day. You will probably find that they are much more welcome when you have a space and a silence during your treatment. Sometimes the body wants it to stay on or off and you can tell that. Learning to listen to your own body and becoming your own physician means taking your power back and “As Tolerated” gives you a certain sense of power over your own life. Learning to listen to your body is the most important part of becoming your own physician and using sound therapy in your own life to heal.

The best results are achieved with a consecutive 30 day treatment plan if it is a chronic systemic issue. Many issues are resolved in only one session.

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Please read our disclaimer, as we are not physicians and make no claims to healing.

Regina is certified in EFT.