Spreading Good Vibrations

High Blood Pressure


***If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, do not use speaker on the body, play as background music.

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High Blood Pressure or what is known as Hypertension causes a domino or ripple effect of other problems in the body. That is why it is important to be addressed. Sometimes the medication we use may cause more problems than they are worth, so that is why I highly recommend if you have high blood pressure, to not only listen to this program, also take a speaker and put it on the sternum. Sound will eventually get to you through the TV or stereo or computer, when speakers are placed on the sternum, it acts like a sounding board and it immediately effects the blood pressure and puts it back into balance.

All issues and pain is related to the state of your emotional body. There are 2 programs that may help if you are ready to dig to the root issues. This takes courage and determination and if you are ready, we commend you! Here are the programs.

Here are the programs.

Energy Psychology with Earth Tones and Etheric Sweep

Be Set Free Fast
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