Spreading Good Vibrations

What is Energy Psychology

The phrase “process emotions” was beyond the realm of my comprehension until five years ago when Thought field therapy saved my life.

What is Energy Psychology?

It is the field of Psychology that encompasses all meridian based emotional tapping techniques such as Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT and Emotional Self Management, works by tapping on key meridians while thinking of an uncomfortable emotion. It can also undo a belief that has controlled our lives no matter how many positive affirmations we have said. Using this easy method to monitor and change every negative belief about others and ourselves is “Radical Self Acceptance”.

Do you find yourself ever saying words like “I hate myself because, ______”, or “I can’t believe how stupid I feel when ______”, or thinking about the mistakes that cost us so much over and over. Is it possible to become addicted to the chemicals released in our own brain when we blame someone else for all the sadness in our lives, and are those chemicals as addictive as the finest drugs on Earth? The answer is a resounding YES.

If we were given a computer printout of the number of thoughts we had, that fell into these categories, and the amount of time and energy we put into these thoughts and began to ask the question, “Why do I do that”? two things would become clear. First, we are unaware of the habit and second, we like the way it feels.

We are becoming more aware than ever before of the impact negative thoughts and emotions have on our health and circumstances of our life due to the popularity of movies like “What the Bleep” and “The Secret”.

The question is, what can I do about it if I am unaware that I am doing it?

  • Start with a pad and paper and list everything you dislike about yourself.
  • Next list everything you dislike about others, beginning with relatives, coworkers and people you deal with on a daily basis.
  • Next make a list of things that you dislike to do and why. Things like: I hate to go to parties with my spouse because________, or I hate to pick up my husbands laundry.
  • Next, start the “I feel like a victim when I______________” page. This one is very complicated because the ego secretly loves victim-perpetrator scenarios.
  • On the next page write, “I am so afraid of _____”. Fear is such a personal thing. Is your greatest fear dying alone or letting someone down?

These questions and answers will be vastly different for each of us. Other key pages are guilt, anger and shame. Anger will be a really long list for many and shame will be very prominent with sexual abuse. Hurt feelings and feeling unappreciated and not valued are also very common.

This process could be done in one sitting or over the course of months, depending on your personality type. The list will evolve as we become more aware of SELF. Once you begin this journey with real honesty, you are not only your own therapist, you also become intimate with yourself and the veil of denial looses its grip. If you still have a physical body and are able to read this, you will have many things on these lists. Consciously using the tapping techniques daily on your own personal list is the beginning of neutralizing all internal conflict.

The Emotion Freedom Techniques website www.emofree.com is one of the most popular sites in the world. The free manual and other free resources help us improve every conceivable issue which allows anyone to begin a true journey to SELF and to become the person we were born to be.

Free ways to empower the Self are rarely advertised. What profit could there be in knowing yourself and the ability to discern your own TRUTH? How much money is there in knowing all that we need is within us and that we have the power to create anything and heal ourselves? Why would anyone advertise such nonsense? What good could it do?

Is it possible, if we healed the conflict within, we could change our personal world? Would that begin to ripple out to others and heal a world at war? Well one thing is for sure, it couldn’t hurt.

I have many videos on Youtube that can assist you in the process of clearing emotional pain. We also have Energy Psychology plus the Etheric Sweep available for download. By adding the Etheric Sweep to the end of any Energy Psychology session will clear your auric field of all that was  released.