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What Spirits Feel – A Visit from John 4-23-15

What Spirits Feel – A Visit From John


Just before bedtime, I received a call from my very good friend Sinni Singh. She asked me if I could ask my son John a question. My son has  been on the other side for almost 10 years and he communicates with me. I said of course but he only talks to me when he wants to. Rarely does he answer direct questions. Sinni said OK but please ask him anyway.  The question was What does the soul on the other side feel when we feel them, hear them and listen to what they say. My response was a quick, of course. I was very tired that night so I went to bed not thinking much of the question. I actually didn’t think he would answer me.

The Answer

It was about 2 am when John woke me up excited to answer that question and many more. I was 100% awake so this was not happening in a dream and this had never happened before. I could hear him and feel him but I could not see him. John talked fast for over an hour but seemed like much longer as he tried to give me a full understanding of these sacred interactions between alive humans and so called deceased or on the other side.

Please understand that my words and memory are not adequate to describe what went on and what he was trying to teach me. I doubt that I can even tap into the amazing essence that he was trying to tell me. I’m thinking it was more like a science fiction movie with stunning visuals and feelings as we spoke and interacted. He brought me on a kind of life review to illustrate some of his points. He used many experiences I had in my life to teach me and show me and explain things.

My Experiences

Although John has communicated with me as soon as he crossed and more so as we began working together on sound therapy projects, he was much more present as I started dreaming of a boat about a month ago. I live in a complex with a private man-made lake. I had a boat on this lake but had to sell it because my husband had a massive heart attack and needed 24/7 home care.

Lately I could not help but daydream about being on the boat again. It almost consumed me with longing. I would stop and stare at the boats as I would pass my lake. I would imagine knocking on the door of any home that had a boat on their dock and want to make an offer if it was for sale. I kept seeing one boat and thinking this could be the one. I would park on the other side of the lake and look at it every day. John would always turn my head by touching my chin and say loudly it’s not your boat mom!

I planned to let the boat serve as a prayer and meditation place for me in the mornings; possible a place for me to do sound sessions and a floating bar at sunset.

After the 3rd time he annoyed me while I was looking at the boat, I realized it was not my going to be my boat. I began calling all the resale electric boat companies and putting my name on their list of those who were looking for a used boat. A local boat representative told me to check on all the homes for sale on the water because they sometimes want to get a little cash for the boat rather than include it in the sale.

I received a message from my friend Sinni that she needed 5 DVD/CD set of the Gong Bath. Gong Bath is  my most popular product performed by Susan Goecke. After we spoke I told her that I was just about to call her to see if I could come by her house on Lake Sahara to look for boats for sale. She said she had a boat for sale. I said awesome and we met the next day. As soon as I saw the boat I knew it was not in my budget and told her I would need to make payments, but when she told me the appraisal, I knew I need to pass on it.  My longing took over and I said, I have to have it if you can take payments. Sinni said Good, because I am giving it to you.

Details of Johns Answer

When he began to answer the question he was trying to explain the feeling. He was a little embarrassed to say that the only word we had for this feeling when we know they are there touching us and we know what they say is similar to an orgasm. He said it is a “burst of light that feels like a rush of bliss”. When they  give us instructions and we are aware of it and follow them, it is the ultimate high for them. This was a huge part of the lesson. He explained that there are many people that listen to their intuition without question to be of service to the other side and humanity as a whole. But when we are aware of it and truly know spirit is guiding us, that’s when the lights really goes off and spirits reaction is ecstatic. I had no idea! He began telling me of so many instances where I had blindly listened to spirit even as a young child and the outcomes of this were in some instances life saving in the form of interrupting some disaster for one or possibly many people by our actions. We are never aware of this but we just do it. There were also three instances where John intervened to save my husband David’s life. I was already aware that it was John and followed his instructions except for the first time when he told me to go downstairs at 4 in the morning. I told him I didn’t believe it was his voice and pulled the covers over my head. He roared at me to “Get up now”! David was leaning over the counter having a heart attack resulting in a 5 bypass surgery and 2 weeks in an induced coma.

He spoke about how difficult it can be when grief is involved or if the human is too focused on something. He said it can be that both sides are trying so hard, like trying to thread a needle when your eyes just can’t focus. Also too much longing and attachment can interrupt a connection. When communications comes through Channels the connection can be stronger due to the level of detachment the channel can bring to the communication.

There are countless humans who operate in this service and are called upon by the angelic realms and guides to just obey. When we listen to those promptings it is always a win for many. This too creates great joy on the other side, but when spirit is recognized as the communicator; that’s when the real fun starts.

There are so many doing this work and even though we are unaware of it, we are connected by some kind of universal light grid. Some of the tasks pertain to our close family but others can have a global impact in every field. Especially now hiding in the political, banking, science medicine and many nonprofit sectors. Many are involved in large scale humanitarian projects and in research and developmental technology that will affect mankind in the future on many levels and in many areas. He spoke of communication through dreams but that was quite complicated and then again it was about my personal dreams.

Many people just get messages in dreams and pass them on, and others can simply be open enough to get a clear message and give it to someone they do not know but may be in a class with or in a restaurant with. In channeled sessions the channels own judgment can pop in during a reading and flavor the information to some degree especially if they are familiar with the person in the session and have personal judgments about the situations. Spirits and channels still bring personality into the equation because of free will and agenda. He gave instances of dreams where they predict things and others serve as warnings and also visitations and messages from loved ones. The information in dreams is never cut and dry.

Discernment is a key muscle to develop while raising our vibration and learning not to throw out all information from someone you don’t necessarily agree with. Listening to our inner guidance and fine tuning that personal inner communication between heart and mind sharpens us for communication with the other side.

There was so much more but after the conversation, I was blissfully exhausted and I remember feeling the happiest I had ever felt in my life. I laid in the bed never wanting this feeling to go away. Then he wrapped his spirit around me like the crust around a corn dog. The feeling of being completely wrapped in love was very visceral and we have no words to describe it. After a while when I felt nothing could top this, John told me to snuggle up tight with David because he was going to wrap us both in his love. This was beyond belief. I knew we were receiving some kind of special blessing but it was more than that. It was like he was sealing the three of us together in a tighter bond that could never be broken for all of eternity. This seemed like about 10 minutes and then I felt him slowly melt away.

I was wide awake and starving and went down stairs for a snack and reveled in the joy of the experience until I was sleepy enough to go back to bed. I felt very energetic the next day and listened to his promptings that were clearer than usual and as of now 2 days later I can hear his communications and directions much clearer except that it feels like I am just following my hearts promptings. In other words, I am thinking it but I know John gave me the thought. I know this because he wanted me to do things I did not want to do and I had to force myself. Because I have sent so much sound equipment out to others, he always instructs me when and where to make improvements and new and different ways to use it. He is also more involved in my sessions than he had been.

I never thought that it was a big deal for those helper spirits, guides, angels and loved ones when we listen. I just thought if it was their job. There may have been satisfaction but never did I expect that so much love and joy was being experienced by spirit when us mere mortals listen to them. They have a higher view of things than we do, so it is a gift for all. So please listen, don’t doubt and strengthen the communications from loved ones , guides and angels. It’s truly a win win for all.

I believe many awakened humans will totally get all of this and be able to see the similarities in their life. I also pray that those mothers who have lost their children will understand a little more that we have never lost them. They are way more alive than we are and they are waiting for us to know that and interact with them.

I have talked to many others who feel that they have communications and are hesitating to tell others because it seems unbelievable. Sometimes the  communication comes in the form of a favorite smell, a touch, a song, a voice, an unexplained breeze, an object moved in a room, a light that flickers or just a strong feeling the person is there. I have had my TV and phone effected by spirits, not to mention my cameras and photos of spirits. My photo gallery of spirit photos in on line at www.thesecretsofsoundtherapy.com . I have even seen him twice, although only for a few seconds.

So join the ranks of the crazy humans who listen with their heart and act upon it. There is more going on than we can ever understand.