Spreading Good Vibrations

How to Use Sound Therapy in Reiki or Healing Touch Practice

Reiki, Healing Touch and Sound = A Magical Combination

I was invited to experience a Reiki session with a sound therapy device called “The Peace Machine”; costing thousands of dollars. I greatly anticipated it because I use “sound” in my therapies. I went to meet Denise Marshall at The Reiki Spa Las Vegas and was prepared to experience something special, and I was completely blown away. It was truly a “Magical Combination”.

Denise held a silk pouch that contained a special transducer speaker. That is a speaker that carries low tones so the body can easily feel them. She can adjust the level of vibration received from the transducer to any level of comfort according to the client response and she can also adjust the volume of the music separately. These are valuable features.

I remember that when she placed her hand on my ankle and the speaker on the inside of my leg below the ankle, I felt a certain peace that I never felt from Vibroacoustics before. I did not want her to ever move. When she did move to the next spot, I was even more amazed. Then after 5 minutes she said, “That’s your sample, what do you think”? I wanted to say “Why a sample, I want the whole treatment.”

The funny thing is that my husband said the exact same thing when I wanted his opinion on the sample version I built; costing under $100 dollars. I search for the best ways to deliver sound into the body at the best price so my entire home is a sound lab.

You can also use headphones if the music has binaural beats and you are looking for a faster relaxation response. I prefer no headphones for several reasons, however there are many circumstances where headphones are needed, so it should always be an available option. I know that many practitioners can add this to their practice and moms can use this as a family treatment option even with no training by just placing the speaker on the sternum if it is on a gel pack to disperse the intensity of the vibrations and on the tummy directly if there is enough adipose tissue(fat) to disperse the vibrations. Gently and slowly moving the speaker down the spine and legs is particularly relaxing.

The key is the musical content. It must be recorded with special low tones in order for the speaker to vibrate and of course the added benefit of embedded specific frequencies for any number of biological effects is even more valuable. The free products alone that you receive after you sign into www.soundtherapysolutions.com are enough to get you started, as well as all of the programs on my YouTube channel. Just remember to download what you like so you are not adding WiFi to the mix. Have fun and give it a try if you feel the urge.

If you live in Las Vegas, I highly suggest a full Reiki Session from Denise Marshall at “The Reiki Spa”. She will also be teaching classes on her beautifully crafted session. Soon we will add “How to do an effective self-treatment” and “How to integrate this with a traditional massage and chair massage.” I posted a YouTube called “Do it Yourself Sound Therapy System” to give you a full visual instruction of how to assemble it. The only thing that may be an issue for people making their own unit is that the speaker arrives with only 4 inches of wire and you will need to solder and additional 12 ft. of wire so the practitioner can reach around the room and body.


Component Cost of Unit

Sound System for delivering vibroacoustic music to the body shopping list.

Music from Sounds for Self Treatment

All from Amazon:

All from Parts express:  www.parts-express.com

From Radio Shack:

  • Silver-Bearing Solder 62/36/2  $6.00
  • 24-gauge  Standard 2 Conductor Speaker Wire

I will be looking for much easier and better ways to accomplish the same effect and will keep everyone updated.


Transducers on the Trapezius

Prototype for pulsing pillows

Do-It-Yourself Vibro Acoustic System