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Download Instructions for Smart Devices

Download Sound Therapy to Smart Device

The easiest way to load the audio or video versions of our programs to your smart phone or tablet is to first download it to your computer.

When you purchase an MP3 recording from us the files are enclosed in a “zip” folder. You will need to “extract” these files before you can play them on your iPhone, iPad, Android or other device.

The simplest way to get the files to work with your device is to download the zip folder to a normal PC or Mac first and then extract the files, save the files on your computer and transfer the MP3s into iTunes:

1) Click on the download link in the confirmation email and then ‘Save’ (do not click on ‘Open’)

2) Select a location on your computer where you wish to save the file then save the file. This will save the zipped file to your computer. (You may want to save it in your MUSIC folder) Make sure this is a folder that you can leave them on your computer.

3) Go to the location of the saved file and right click, select ‘Extract All’ (this will unzip the file so that it can be transferred to the location from which you would like to use it). You should then be able to see the zipped version and then the unzipped version both in the same location.

4) Open iTunes and click on ‘File’ then select ‘Add Folder To Library’. A box will appear asking you which folder you wish to import, so navigate to the folder you extracted in step 3 above and double click it to add the folder to your iTunes library, leaving the original file where you downloaded it. This allows iTunes to know where the music is on your computer, if you delete or move the unziped mp3, iTunes will not know where to find it. Another option is to create a playlist, name it then drag the file to the playlist and save.

5) The files should now appear in your iTunes library and you can now transfer (or “sync”) to your mobile/tablet device.

If you are more visual Click Here for a video.

Unfortunately, mobile phones and tablets do not always support zip folders, so if you have purchased one of our downloads please follow these instructions below to get them to work with your device.

iPhones Users for latest version of iPhone software iOS 7.0.4

Install the Download Manager Lite app
By VTechnology

Press and HOLD down on the download link. A popup appears, press COPY, then go to and open the app Download Manager Lite. At the top, you will see the address bar, click in it, then press the x to clear, tap again in the address bar and hold down, then paste the download link, tap GO at the bottom, then click Download Link. At the bottom you will see Downloads, click on it and you can see the progress. Once the zip file has finished downloading, it will show on the screen. Press and hold, then choose Reveal this File, another screen will open up and show the file, then click on the zip file on the next screen, click the Start button to begin extracting. A progress screen will show and when it is finished click OK. On the next screen you will see a folder, click on that folder to view and play the program.

You will see a file icon at the bottom, in the future when you want to listen, simply open the app, then go to the files, click on the folder, then play your program.


Instructions for iPhone Previous Software:

Install the Download Manager Lite app
By VTechnology

Click on the download link. Once the download is complete, choose open in “DownloadLite”. Follow the directions, Press Start to begin extracting. Click OK when finished. It will have extracted the zip file into a folder, click on that folder to view and play the file. (you can also create and arrange the downloads in to new folders. Check the apps instructions)
You can access your download in the future by going to the DownloadLite app on your phone, then click on Files at the bottom.

iPad Users:

***Software update iOS 7: The only app that I have found with this update to open the zip files is a paid app called  Filer By Dan Leehr L.L.C. After app is installed, copy download link in email. Open Filer tap download, paste the download link in the address bar and tap the down arrow for the file to start downloading. You can see the status in the upper right corner. Once downloaded, if you see Menu tap menu otherwise according to how you are holding you ipad, you may see download and view. tap on the file you just downloaded, then click Unarchive, once finished, you will see your file. With this app you can create folders and organize your files.

Older software versions for iPad: Install either WinZip (FREE)

In the instructions, we will demonstrate the free app, WinZip: Click on the download link. Once the download is complete, choose open with WinZIP, then it automatically extracts it and places it in your WinZip Files. You can access your download in the future by going to the WinZip app on your iPad, then click on MyWinZip Files.

Android Users:

Install AndroZip™ File Manager

Click on the download link. Once the download is complete, Extract with AndroZip. You can access your download in the future by going to AndroZip.