Spreading Good Vibrations

How to Prevent Illness

We get this question, How to Prevent Illness, all of the time. We believe all illnesses have an emotional counterpart. Meaning, any illness has an emotional tie to it. The question to ask is… What is your emotional state? Are you happy, sad, stressed, uptight, downright mad? All of these emotions affect your body and your physical well-being.

Let me share a story with you and then I will share with you MY Personal Prevention List for ALL Illness….

In the nineties I worked as a volunteer Massage Therapist at the St. Therese Center for HIV and AIDS. When the clients from UMC could no longer manage their symptoms with the “cocktail” they were given from Dr. Kinkaid, they were sent to me for Black Seed Oil.

I was not allowed to talk about natural treatments for HIV, but everyone knew I was supplying the clients with this anti-viral oil made from black cumin seed. Within weeks after taking 5 pills a day, the viral load would disappear from their blood results.

I, personally had a huge lump in my breast and over 20 cysts on my ovaries, a thick uterine wall and heavy bleeding. I started Black seed oil and EFT at the same time. Bleeding stopped and all lumps, cysts and tumors except for one were gone in 5 weeks. That was 2001. I am now 62 and have not needed medical treatment since.


A sound diet and a sound diet

  • Emotional Work with EFT or any Energy Psychology
  • Find a path that captures your heart and follow it
  • Black Seed Oil internally  (I like to put it in capsules)
  • Essential Oil Regimen: Apply Hyssop and Frankincense on the back of the neck two times a day.
  • A News Fast – (Meaning, stay away from as much news media as possible, everything we hear has a vibration and most of what comes from the News is a very low vibration and carries lower energy)
  • Immune System Stimulation Youtube OR Immune System Stimulation Audio or Video Download
  • Dr. Ebert’s Emitter for any sound therapy from my site and his www.the-tree-of-life.com

These are the different items I incorporate in my life on a daily basis to live a happier and healthier life and they have proven themselves over and over!

Disclaimer….. I am not a doctor and I am only sharing what has worked for me!