Spreading Good Vibrations

Before and After Pictures of Brain Using Frequency Infused Music Programs for Glioblastoma and Parkinsons

These are early results on my personal research. In this post I have included before and after pictures of scans I had done on my brain. It was before using Glioblastoma and Parkinsons frequency infused music programs and the effect on my brain after. It was simply astounding to me.

As I was building the components for my latest Parkinson’s program and Glioblastoma program, I studied carefully each recommended frequency. I felt that these programs were probably going to have amazing results for those with these issues and I felt in my heart that I could benefit as well.

I decided to test myself to see what the results could be using bone conduction headphones with the 2 new programs. These are the bone conduction headphones I like.

I am lucky enough to have an IES practioner around the corner that I have used for many years to test before and after effects using my newly developed programs and to keep a check of my overall health. My tests have been going on for 5 years and to my dismay I have never been able to effect any changes in my poor blue brain.

Before I began the programs, my left cranial artery was clogged and my brain was stressed with fear.

frequency infused music programs

The blue color essentially meant that my brain was out of balance and it did not seem to get any better over the years. I was getting more and more concerned as I felt symptoms increasing getting worse. I was concerned about response time in driving and speech and of course memory.  I decided to use myself as a test dummy before using an actual Parkinson’s patient. I wanted also to make sure that using these frequencies were overall beneficial with the bone conduction headphones for anyone, as I suspected.

After setting the date for my test and getting the current baseline on my brain I went home and played the 2 programs with bone conduction headphones. As I listened I was aware of an amazing peace coupled with energy while organizing my office. (Something I avoid like the plague), To my elation the initial results after one session were EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT.

Here are my before and after results from scan of my Amydgala which shows extreme stress

using healing frequencies


Before and after – Frontal Lobe

Scan of fronatl lobe before and after using frequency healing music


Intracranial Artery was clogged (as shown in box) before using the 2 programs

Intracranial Artery was clogged before using frequency healing music

After 2 hours of using the 2 programs with bone conduction headphones, my brain went from a reading of -35 to -7 . In 5 years of constant frequencies nothing has ever changed my blue brain.

No one is exempt from the effect of things we fear and stress in daily life.

Here are the 2 programs on YouTube. Notice they are labeled with different names. The Parkinson’s is titled  Test and the Glioblastoma is labeled Perfect Cells.


Anyone with an aging brain that feels like they could use a boost might want to try these with the bone conduction headphones or just regular headphones. I however believe it is the bone conduction headphones that made the difference.

It is easy to forget that you have these sound programs and many more available for you on my Youtube channel (Regina Murphy) or your purchased products.

The research we are still doing is on Parkinson’s and Glioblastoma.

You can also check out an amazing young boy name James on his journey with Glioblastoma here.

Check out the video on my second day test.