Spreading Good Vibrations

Bone Conduction Headphones for Use with our Sound Therapy Programs

Recently the use of non-bluetooth bone conduction headphones to deliver sound into the cheekbones or neck has become the easiest and most effective delivery system being used and tested by our clients. If you choose the bone conduction headphones you must read this article too. It has important polarity instruction in it.

Smartphones with WiFi off are being used to play the programs making it always available through the newer Apps for our technology advanced users. With no need to download onto the phone taking up space on the phone and easily shared through a simple text with your loved ones. Hightail and OPlayer lite are 2 possible Apps among many.

Bone conduction headphones are widely available on Amazon Or Wal-Mart, and made by several manufacturers and with several options. Wireless, which I never use for EMF brain issues, and powered or not powered.

One of the reasons I would suggest not powered – non bluetooth is because if you are using it for sending frequencies into the body, “less is more” until research is done. However I personally use the aftershock powered one selling for $35-$40 on Amazon. These prices and availability change daily.

*** See bottom for programs we DO NOT recommend to use with bone conduction headphones.

***Again, for use with our programs, Do Not purchase wireless.

***affiliate disclosure


Bone Conduction headphones have tiny subwoofers that go on the cheekbone instead of in the ear as normal ear buds that are commonly used. They were designed for runners, bikers and office workers so people could listen to music on a personal level and still hear everything going on around them. They are very popular, user friendly and add a great deal of safety for athletes who want to hear and feel music but need to hear what is going on in the outside world.

When used with specific frequencies or frequency infused music and frequency infused Vibroacoustic music it allows for these special frequencies to have a more direct effect on the brain than most other delivery systems available for general use. To my knowledge there have been no other studies other than mine done to show how effective the use of the cheekbones are to deliver sound. Therefore I feel those with brain damage need to be muscle tested prior to even short term use. I always like to remain on the side of caution. I would also restrict the use of these headphones for children under the age of 10 with any music at all. Although some of the popular music can be harmful on so many levels with all types of ear buds, headphones and even the music itself, it is rarely considered an issue. I am sure much of the mental and emotional issues today have to do with the downfall of popular music into the lower fields of energy. It is my highest hope though that study with my programs on hearing impaired children and adults begin ASAP by qualified institutions. My programs are free to any institution or nonprofit that wishes to begin such a study or even just use them for the greater good.

I have been told by several experts that the brain responds to sound delivered to the body better if it is sent through speakers in the category of 4 ohm as opposed to 8 or 16 ohm. Because I am NOT educated at all in this area I cannot say why but the experts that have told me this are held in high regard by me. There is one small study I will reference later however there are too many variables to use in my opinion.

There are 4 ohm transducers available from $2.00 up to several hundred for the average person and for commercial use several thousands. I am in the business of providing the average person the ability to positively affect their health with the simplest possible delivery for the least amount of money with the least amount of effort and knowledge. You can go to www.parts-express.com and read studies on the Ibeam transducers that can be used to turn your home furniture into healing devises and purchase a huge variety of 4 ohm speakers as small as a silver dollar. Before the end of 2015 I should have several YouTube’s on how I did this in my own home in the hopes of this catching on in waiting rooms, hospitals and schools. Using Sound Therapy Products, Healing power naps and real healing programs can be a part of life every time you sit in your living room.

The vibrations from the cheekbones when we talk determine a great deal about our health. Our voice which vibrates the cheekbones is of tremendous importance. When a group of monks stopped chanting they all became very lethargic and quite ill with no explanation. Once they began chanting again all but 2 of 90 monks became well again within a very short period of time. The most well known Sound Therapist, Sharry Edwards, has the technology to annualize the voice to determine what frequencies you are missing. She then sends you those frequencies to assist the body back to health. For instance if you have pernicious anemia and your body cannot make B12, she sends you the frequency that assists the body to make B12. This is an expensive process and my programs are much more generic than a complete digital workup on the voice, however the programs I have produced have many other benefits due to the Vibroacoustic benefits and video added to the frequencies. I also read about a study where 14 women with breast cancer toned (a process using the voice to make sounds) for about 40 minutes daily for 3 months. All the women who stayed in the study cured themselves of cancer. I cannot find the study or the source but I believe I need to bring it up because I felt in my heart that even if I cannot prove this, I needed to include this here.

***Do not use these programs with bone conduction headphones.



We continue to do research and if we find any others we will add them to the list. These are the ones we feel that are not suited for these headphones.

Many of our programs will be on a case by case basis also. Some may tolerate a specific program using these headphones and others may not. Use at YOUR discretion.

Amazon seems to only have the wireless Aftershockz. we do not recommended wireless. We have tried other brands, but the do not seem to be as sturdy as the aftershocz, however if you are careful putting them on and pulling the off this pair may work.

Is is not necessary for you to hear the music. The frequencies will enter your body through the cheek bone, but here’s a reminder:  If you choose the bone conduction headphones you must read this article too. It has important polarity instruction in it.