Spreading Good Vibrations

6 Ways to Use Waterproof Speakers as a Tuning Fork to Make Life Better

Water therapy and sound therapy are two of the oldest and most underrated ways to treat almost anything, but the combination is exponential in its speed and value. Any speaker can be used, but for the absolute best outcome I recommend Waterproof Speakers and an Amplifier. The reason is the shape, the metal and the fact that they can be used in water. (those are not affiliate links-we are not affiliated with Parts-Express- however this is a tested product)

#1 Footbath

Your teeth and toenails are hotbed incubators for the start of low grade infections that can become life threatening. All infections are life threatening now as humanity has become less and less responsive to even the latest antibiotics. As we age our toenails become a source of fungal growth that goes unaddressed until the pain and inflammation stage show up. By then the infection has moved deep into the host and needs treatment. Fortunately, there is an immediate remedy with frequencies for infection that the body reacts instantly to and is accelerated 4x by the vibrations from water. Water is not only a THE most important healer we have, it is also a medium that sound travels very fast through.  When the water and sound hit the skin, it instantly travels through to the source of the infection, deep under the nail. By the end of the first 60 minute treatment there will be a marked, seemingly miraculous improvement.  This will also help with overall fatigue and brain fog. Because the infection has been festering for so long before we feel it, I recommend ten treatments, just like taking medication, it is good to run the full course.. The problem is that all symptoms are usually gone by the 3rd day and that leads us to forget the problem allowing the infection to hide out deep inside the body.

#2 Luxurious Relaxing Sound Bath

A spa might use a $10,000.00 vibroacoustic bathtub, we can achieve the same results by placing a powerful speaker as close to the tub as possible and/or the waterproof ones actually in the water.  When using the waterproof speakers we recommended to run them by battery so as not to be concerned with being electrocuted. The Dolphin Dream on youtube can be blue-toothed from any devise that has Bluetooth capabilities and internet access or Ave Maria and Miracle Chord aka Dolphin Dream is available as a video or audio download from this site.  The 727Hz frequency embedded into it has over 1,000 positive effects on the body and is being used in hospitals on preemies in the NICU. The relaxing and regenerative properties are amplified to perfection in this application.

#3 As a Coaster

There are many ways to get sound frequencies into liquid, this is the most effective. Placing the glass, bottle or container directly on the metal disc speaker for about 5 minutes will temporally change the surface structure of the water if the correct frequencies are used.  I highly recommend the Solfeggio or fibiachi scales that are easily found on You Tube or any of the sound therapy channels that so freely make healing programs available. If you freeze the water shortly after the treatment, it is believed to hold its value longer.  I do not have the laboratory to test this so one might want to do more research, however at the very least you have the placebo effect and that is higher than most chemical prescriptions.

#4 Sustained Digital Tuning Fork for Pain, High Blood Pressure, and Lung Issues

Tuning forks used on acupoints have been used for decades to treat various ailments and even kill cancer cells in a petrie dish with specific frequencies.  You need at the very least to become educated before you have any real effect in this area. I have been teaching classes on this for a decade and once I figured out how to use portable speaker cases and waterproof speaker discs as though they were tuning forks, everything became very simple.

Metal carries sound 14 times faster and more effectively that air. You do the math. When I tested the High Blood Pressure frequency program it took 4 days to have an effect. When I placed a metal speaker on the sternum it took 20 minutes to have an effect. This is not to say that sound traveling through air is not highly effective, because it is, however it is slower.

Placing the metal discs on the pain or corresponding meridian point, reflexology point or chakra is fast and furious, especially for stomach upsets.

#5 Massage

With the appropriate vibroacoustic music playing through the metal discs (from speakers recommended above) and placing them in a silk sock, you can focus a sound massage in the area most needed. This takes practice and willingness to try and it is well worth the effort.  I am sure I will post a video soon on this technique. However I am sure if you are curious, you can invent your own magic.

#6 Acupressure

The discs can be placed on key meridian points with the OHM or 727 Hz frequencies even without an education. These frequencies are safe, so there is no incorrect way to do this. Just have fun and take away the pain.

All of this can be done with speakers you may already own by placing them on the body, EXCEPT for submerging in water, that requires the Waterproof Speakers. As we MUST be proactive in the self healing part of our lives. I hope you at least ponder the possibilities of sound therapy.


Here’s a couple videos you may be interested in watching.

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